District Support

In Macclesfield and Congleton we are incredibly fortunate to have a number of experienced and skilled people who are prepared to help section, unit and group leaders.  They do this through being members of various district support teams.  All can be contacted by email through the district website  @mcscouts.org.uk  just put the appropriate title before it.  For example if you want to contact the district commissioner (DC) the email is dc@mcscouts.org.uk .


There are 6 district support teams in Macclesfield & Congleton

  • Section support
  • Activity support
  • Badge support
  • Behaviour support
  • General support
  • Event support


Section support

These are specific to each of the sections; beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and network and are led by the relevant Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) or Commissioner.  Contact them if you need help in planning programs, specific badgework, or running a particular evening (because of leader shortage).   Use the relevant acronym in front of @mcscouts.org.uk;

  • Beavers – ADCB
  • Cubs – ADCC
  • Scouts – ADCS
  • Explorers – DESC
  • Network – DNC

If you want help with getting a Young Leader or helping them through their challenges, use

  • Young Leader support – YL


Activity support

We have specialists available to guide or instruct in a number of adventurous activities.  Contact them if you want to run an evening or event involving their activity, get advice on equipment or have it checked, or if you want to know the rules.  In each case email through the district website by using the relevant acronym;

  • Mountaineering – DMA
  • Water sports – DWA
  • Caving – DCA
  • Climbing – DCl
  • Skiing – DSKA
  • Shooting – DSA
  • Archery – DAA
  • Fencing – DFA

Anything else, use ADCA


Badge Support

If your unit is wanting help with progressing with Duke of Edinburgh or Queen’s Scout Awards, contact the support team below;

  • Duke of Edinburgh – DOE
  • Queen’s Scout – QSA

for help with Chief Scout Awards, contact the relevant section support.


Behaviour support

We have specialists in special needs, child behaviour and adult management.  Contact them if you need help in dealing with individuals in any of these categories.

  • Special needs – DSSN
  • Child behaviour – DSCB
  • Adult Management – DSAM


General Support

If you need help with other general tasks, contact the relevant person below;

  • Leader training – LTM
  • OnlineScoutManager – OSM
  • Listening ear (personal issues) – Chaplain
  • Ordering badges or uniform – shop
  • Administration (DBS, COMPASS and anything else) – Admin


Event Support

For those groups, units or sections running a big event you can ask for assistance from one or more of our SAS Units.

  • catering /judging/general help, SAS Fellowship – SASF
  • radios/PA, SAS Communications – SASC
  • Barnswood help, SAS Barnswood – SASB


Following Rules

Scouting is a uniformed organisation, with many rules and guidelines to help everyone run activities safely.   These can be found on the internet at https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/71

or you can ask a question direct to Gilwell using info.centre@scout.org.uk .


There are times you must contact your District Commissioner for support, such as when you

  • Are organising a nights away event
  • Have a reportable accident
  • Have any suspicion of a safeguarding incident

In these cases  use dc@mcscouts.org.uk


If your needs are not covered above, then contact the district commissioner – DC