Adult Roles in Scouting

Adult roles in Scouting

There are a wide range of roles available in Scouting that can take as much or as little time as you are prepared to give. Just fill in the form and we will get in touch.

For the handyman (scout active support); many groups need to maintain

  • huts (paint, repair, refurbish)
  • equipment (camping, pioneering, other activity)
  • transport (trailers, minibuses)

and the district manages and maintains a 67 acre campsite requiring all sorts of skilled and unskilled labour


For the committee person (executive committee); each group needs a backroom committee that looks after everything except the young people. The posts include

  • chairman
  • treasurer
  • secretary


For those with a passion and skill in an activity (skills instructor); we have opportunities to instruct including activities on

  • water (kayaking, bellboating, sailing, windsurfing, diving)
  • foot (hill walking, hiking, climbing, geocaching)
  • snow (skiing, snowboarding)

or involving

  • shooting (archery, clay pigeon, air rifle)
  • other (astronomy, handbell ringing, origami, etc.)


For those who want to work with children; we have opportunities with a number of different age ranges

  • beavers 6-8
  • cubs 8-11
  • scouts 10-14
  • explorers 14-18

and at a number of different levels

  • occasional helper (attends once a month or less)
  • sectional assistant (helps out whenever they can at the direction of a leader)
  • assistant leader (helps the leader organise and run the meetings)
  • leader (makes certain the young people have a fun packed, safe instructive time)


I am sure we have something that fits you.