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There is a huge amount of information available to Scout Leaders and Managers from many different sources. This document is an attempt to bring together in one place some of the most useful information to cover areas such as Compass, DBS checks, Admin, Finance, Governance and Compliance. This document does not cover the actual Scouting activities.

Please use the links to obtain the latest information about the various topics:

Scout HQ Members’ Information and Resources This is Gilwell’s main page for Members

The Charity Commission – GOV.UK All Scout Groups are Educational Charities. Not all Groups are required to register with the Charity Commission, but all Groups must comply with the Charities Acts.

Macclesfield & Congleton Scouts This is our District Website.

Cheshire Scouts The County website where you will find details of County training courses.

Learner Resources This gives access to info about the Training System and the Training Modules.

Online Scout Manager: Leader Login Online Scout Manager is a commercial computer program whose main function is to ease the burden of administration of the Youth Members.

The rules about Accounts, Insurance, Banking etc. can appear to be complicated so here is all you need to know about them: Administration, Accounts, Insurance and Legal services

All Groups are encouraged to use the standard templates: Trustees’ Annual Report.  These are more appropriate for Scout Groups than those provided on the Charity Commission website.

Each Group must have an Executive Committee. The members of this are the Charity Trustees of the Group, whether or not the Group is registered with the Charity Commission. More info here: Executive Committees

DBS Checks: The vast majority of Adult Roles in Scouting require a current DBS check, which is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. The DBS must be issued via the Scout Association- unfortunately DBS checks issued by any other organisation are NOT acceptable.

Compass is the Scout Association’s Adult Membership system which keeps records of each adult’s personal details, DBS checks, training, role history, permits, awards, etc.

All members can access their Compass record and are responsible for ensuring that their personal details are accurate and up to date. Certain Members also have access to the records of other adults for whom they are responsible, and various reports are available to them. Compass Login

Scouting is governed by it’s Policy, Organisation and Rules which must be adhered to at all times.

In order to ensure that only suitable people are appointed as Leaders there is a comprehensive Appointments Process , which can be found here: The Appointments Process 

In all walks of life it is useful to know what we are meant to be doing. The Scout Association has therefore published Role Descriptions to help with this process:

About role descriptions Group Roles