Adult Training Information

Here you will find a range of resources to help you with your training…



Getting Started Training Calendar January to April 2022

Getting Started Training Calendar May to August 2022

County Training courses (Module 5 and above)



This contains useful documents including…

  • Cheshire Scouts simplified training guide
  • Easy guide to using COMPASS membership system
  • Proforma questionaires for Manager role validations


Training questions?   Contact or one of the training advisers in District:

Alan Wadley
Ann Eden
Christine Scott
Ian Mackintosh
Mark Eden
Martin Hardy
Mike Eastgate
Neil Dutton

Please do remember your commitments to training:   Getting Started modules within 5 months of role, Wood badge within 3 years, Ongoing learning modules every 3 years.

We know we are amazing at what we do; it’s important to reflect that formally.


Training to be completed within 5 months of appointment:

Module 1: Essential information:

If you are a trustee or member of your group executive, you also need to complete
Trustee induction:

All of the above are delivered online and will provide a certificate of completion.    Send the completed certificate to your Local Training Manager(LTM) to have this recorded in Compass.
Your Group Scout Leader, Training Adviser, or County Training Manager can also credit these directly on compass on receipt of a copy of the certificate.
Copies of certificates will be stored securely by the person validating these modules on the Compass system.
If you prefer to do these modules “offline” then you can download and print workbooks here:  Independent Learning Workbooks | Scouts
Leave any completed workbooks at District HQ office marked FAO: Mike Brown.
Module 2: Personal Learning Plan (Not required for Active Support or Exec roles)
Your assigned Training Adviser(TA) will meet with you to agree the modules that you need to complete to fulfil training requirements.    This is documented in a “Personal Learning Plan”.  If you don’t have a TA, who don’t know who that is, you can also contact your Local Training Manager.
Module 3 or 4: Tools for the role (Not required for Active Support or Exec roles)
Look out for Module 3 or 4 courses delivered by your County Team.  You can also access the training online

Complete the training and then provide the validation evidence to your Local Training Manager.  NOTE YOU NEED MORE THAN JUST THE ONLINE CERTIFICATE FOR MODULE 3 or 4.


Module 3 validation 

Complete all 3 of the following:

  1. e-learning certificate   03: Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) | Scouts
  2. Plan and run an activity/game with young people in scouting (provide photo, programme plan, risk assessment or similar in advance if possible)
  3. Discuss where to find programme resources.

Module 4 validation

Complete e-learning certificate
04: Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) | Scouts

And provide one of:

  1. Create a list of those they manage or support, describing their principle duties, functions and responsibilities and their role in providing personal support and training
  2. Outline the main features of each section including the age range, theme, groupings of young people and the decision making and programmer planning processes
  3. Add to their role description to describe the things they actually do.
  4. List their top five priorities and develop a plan to put them into action.
  5. Explain the function of The Scout Association’s policy and guidance mechanisms and how to access information contained in POR, fact sheets and HQ to an adult new to Scouting whom they manage or support.