Beaver Games

Beaver Games used in M&C


Name Dodge ball
– Indoor
Duration – 10 minutes +
Style – Energetic
Purpose – Physical / social

Equipment – 6 large soft foam balls


1. Leaders to stand along the sides of the hall holding the foam balls.

2. All the beavers stand at one end of the hall.

3. A leader shouts out one of the lodge colours – red, yellow, green or blue and that lodge then runs down the hall to the other end.

4. While they are running the leaders roll the balls to try to hit the beavers below their knees.

5. When a beaver is hit they then join the leaders rolling the balls.

6. A leader continues shouting lodge colours etc until there is one beaver left.


The ball has to hit the beaver below the knee, if it hits above then the beaver is not out. Those rolling the balls must stay in contact with the sidewalls using one foot. This stops them from getting in the way of those beavers that are running down the hall. There should be no pushing each other to get out of the way of the balls. This is an energetic, fun game, that all scouts love playing.


NameCatch quick

Location – Indoor

Duration – 10 minutes

Style – Energetic
Purpose – Mental / physical

Equipment – Inflated balloon


1. Beavers to stand in a big circle with some space between each beaver.

2. A leader stands in the centre of the circle holding the balloon.

3. The leader throws the balloon up in the air and at the same time calls out a beaver name.

4. The named beaver needs to move quickly to get hold of the balloon before it touches the floor.


For this game the beavers have to listen for their name being called and be ready to move. It can become quite competitive between the beavers. They cheer each other if the balloon is caught. You don’t need to use a balloon; I have also used a tissue paper leaf. Use your tallest leader as this gives a longer drop for the balloon.


Name Snowballs

Location – indoors, although outdoors with the right weather conditions

Duration – as long as interest is maintained which can be the session if you let it!

Style – physical stamina and team work.

Purpose – encourage co-operative play and use up surplus energy

Equipment – old newspapers

Rules – split into teams, we use 4 but it’s not necessary, each team have an equal amount of newspaper sheets and they screw them up to make a pile of snowballs. When the game starts they need to throw their snowballs into another’s section (we have painted lines in our area but masking tape will suffice). The team with the least amount of snowballs left are the winners and are awarded 4 points and so it goes down to team with the most being awarded just 1 point. Do Not Rules: not allowed to throw the “snowballs” at others just the areas, do not throw before or after time has been called.

Comments – We usually time this to 2 minutes each game and 4 goes although the Beavers do enjoy and they can ask for it to continue. Watch out for the over competitive ones! We haven’t played this outside due to the bad weather but certain it could be a good introduction to some litter pick or environmental topic?!


Name – Goalie Legs.

Location – anywhere.

Duration – for as long as interest maintains.

Style – begins quiet but usually escalates when 2 balls are in play.

Purpose – hand-eye co-ordination, co-operative play, mentally stimulating.

Equipment – soft/foam balls

Rules – everyone stands in a circle with legs apart, the ball is to rolled to another if that child doesn’t get it and the ball goes through their legs they then must play the game with their backs turned facing outwards until someone passes the ball through their legs again allowing them to turn back round. After a while we normally introduce a second ball to speed things up a bit as it can become a bit tactical! Do Not Rules are: the ball must remain under waist level at all times, cannot put the ball through the person stood either side of you and you must not allow anyone play with their backs turned for too long as they may begin to feel excluded.

Comments – The game is one our favourites, it pacifies those who desperately want to play games that involve balls (the football fans) but includes everyone without having to play football(those that aren’t footie fans). The leaders, young leaders and parent helpers always join in this game to ensure fair play without the need to make it obvious.


Name – Peg Game

Location – Indoor or Outdoor

Duration – 15-20 minutes, numbers dependant

Style – Energetic

Purpose – Physical, Social, Teamwork

Equipment – Pegs or Similar e.g. Beanbags, Chalk or Hula Hoops (or rope)

Rules – Split the Colony into teams, for the sake of the explanation let’s say 4 teams of 6. Number each player in the team from 1-6. Either draw a circle or put a hula hoop in front of each team. Put a table at one end of the room with 4 pegs on. Call out a number, each of those numbers from the 4 teams has to get a peg and take it back to their circle. They then “steal” other groups pegs. Occasionally the leader can put extra pegs on the table for the Beavers to collect and take to their circle. The first team to get 3 or 4 (depending on time) pegs in their circle wins.

Can only take one peg at a time. Beavers not running must sit back and out of the way, cannot hide pegs or put them in circle if they fall out. Pegs must be inside the circle to count

Comments – Watch out for Beavers hiding pegs so other groups can’t get them, Beavers get excited and need to be reminded to sit back and out of the way if they aren’t running!


Name – Four Corners

Location – Indoor

Duration – 15-20 minutes

Style – Energetic

Purpose – Physical, Social, Teamwork

Equipment – Chalk, ball

Rules – Split the Colony into four groups and split the room into four corners with the chalk, give each group a corner of the room. When leader says go the Beavers have to throw the ball out of their corner into another groups corner. When leader blows the whistle, the group with the ball in their corner lose a life. Start with however many lives as you like, 3 tends to work nicely. Try not to let them kick the ball as can end up kicking faces if someone bends down to pick ball up at same time. Beavers cannot cross over their lines into other groups corners.

Comments – When two groups have used their lives you can give the remaining two groups half of the room each.


Name – Red Card Run

Location – outdoor/indoor; either

Duration – 10 approx mins

Style –energetic;

Purpose – physical/mental/social/control

Equipment – packs of playing cards – 1 per team

Rules – Remove Jokers and pick a start card that you will recognise as the lead card.

Line teams up, one in front and the rest lined up behind.

Show first card to the beaver – if a red card then he runs to the other side of the room and back again. He is then shown the next card of the pack – if red he runs again, if black he goes to the back. Show the next beaver the next card – same rules, if red he runs, if black go to the back. (you will find that some will run, and run, and run whilst others go to the back. (A quick check through to make sure that there is a random assortment will make it seem fairer.) Once you get to the start card then Beavers sit down in a line to show they have finished.

Comments – I have used this with 24 beavers and 4 lodges and at joint meetings with other Beavers and Cubs with more teams. Great fun.


Name – 5-4-3-2-1

Location –indoor – but could adapt to outdoor

Duration – ? mins as long as you like

Style – energetic;

Purpose – physical/control

Equipment – none

Rules – All beavers start off in the middle of the room – 4 corners are give names (Red/Green/Yellow/Blue – as per lodge corner – can be given names to suit theme for that meeting, etc) Beavers must run the same way round the room – when leader starts countdown they need to pick a corner and stay there (last minute changes allowed but by “1” all running must have stopped). Leader to call out colour and all Beavers in that corner are out. They must sit out until the game is over. You can speed this up by calling 2 or more corners at the same time. The aim is to get them all out – Leader wins!

Comments – We usually use this game to burn off excess energy. The Leader will do it as a single corner a couple of times then add another corner to make things difficult. Remind the Beavers sitting out to be quiet when choosing a corner as they usually cheer the remaining ones on.